affordable electric mountain bike | the Himo c26 | electric bike review

In this video im going to review the himo c26 ebike and the reason why cycling in the uk is very helpful in day to day basis.

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Controllable Shock Absorber

HIMO C26, equipped with front fork steel shock controllable equipment. When you are on a bumpy road, you can turn the button counterclockwise to open the shock absorber, which can make you more comfortable. When you are on flat roads, twist the button to turn off the shock absorber, which can be faster and more efficient

250W Powerful Motor

250W motor, the top speed can reach 25km/h. Shimano's 7-speed transmission, a variety of riding speed options, meet different daily riding road conditions, whether it is work, sports, exploration, it will take you to spend a good journey comfortably!

CE Certification by SGS Lab

HIMO C26 MAX comply with the EU EN15194:2017 standard and abtain CE Certification by SGS lab.
It is legal and compliant, let us ride it with perfectly confidence!

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