10 Electric Bicycle Safety Tips

10 Electric Bicycle Safety Tips

Electric bikes are on the rise and we are soon starting to see how they have the potential to reshape urban transport as we know it. Not only is it convenient and can reduce traffic congestion, but it is also becoming a topic of concern regarding e-bike safety. If you are an e-bike enthusiast, you should know the following 9 tips

1.Take care when handling battery wires

This applies when soldering, cutting and crimping them.  Only do these to one wire at a time because doing this to two wires increases the risk of shorting the battery!

2.Take care when handling the chain

A bike motor can easily hurt your fingers if you get them stuck in the crank-wheel teeth and apply the throttle.  If the chain slips off the gears, the motor must first be turned off, then you can carefully push the derailleur forward to apply the chain.                                                           

If you have a single speed e-bike, use a stick to put the chain over the rear cog then use it to put the chain onto the first few teeth on the top of the chain-wheel. You can then carefully turn the crank forward by hand lifting the rear tyre of the bike off the ground until the chain is completely on the front ring. For safety, never power the motor to reapply the chain!

3.Be visible

With both pedestrians and drivers distracted with their cell phones, so it helps to wear the brightest colors! Bike flags can also help during the day and blinking lights are effective at night!

4.Wear a good helmet

When commuting, full face downhill helmets offer better protection than a normal bike helmets as they also cover the chin and face.  They also don't attract as much police attention as motorcycle helmets.

5.Protect your eyes

If your helmet doesn't cover your eyes, invest in safety glasses to protect your eyes from road debris and bugs!

6.Wear motorcycle racing pads

Leather jackets with built-in kevlar pads are excellent for commuting and are designed to protect from hitting the pavement at 100mph! You can prolong the lifespan of a leather jacket by treating it with leather honey!

7.Wear gloves

Gloves for using e-bikes should have padding the palms to protect you when you shield your face with your hands.

8.Wear a backpack

These protect against falls - tuck in your head and try to fall on your back rather than face-first when possible.

9.Follow the traffic rules

Just because you are on an e-bike, you cannot expect the Police to side with you in an accident.  Breaking laws and not following traffic devices can lead to accidents along with fines and prosecution.

10.If you are about to get hit       

  • Look at the direction of where you want to go instead of looking at the hazardous vehicle - if a car is going to hit you, don’t look at it, look around at where you want to end up. If you do this, your body usually naturally takes you there without any conscious effort    
  • Be ready to jump off the bike- If you are close to being hit, just jump off it!
  •   Learn to fall and roll - martial arts classes such as Judo help to teach you to relax and redirect forces to minimise injury

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