Provo la Himo ZB20 Max su un terreno sbagliato

L’e-bike é totalmente legale: motore 250w, velocità limitata a 25 km/h, no accelleratore

Il marchio HIMO è il primo marchio cinese produttore di biciclette ad aver ottenuto la certificazione CE. La serie HIMO Max è quindi conforme agli standard europei.

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Flexible Folding Mechanism

It can be folded quickly in 10 seconds, once you're familiar with it. This will give you the convenience of being able to put it in your car or carry it into your office area to prevent it from being stolen!

250W Powerful Motor

The 250-watt rear hub motor makes you unafraid to sprint steep hills, muddy trails, bumpy gravel roads, potholes and sandy roads, and with its help you can do it off-road with ease.

6 Speed Shimano Derailleur

The 6 Speed Shimano, with different levels of speed to suit different riding conditions, can improve battery efficiency and reduce labor. Also meet your different needs of low speed and high speed, switch freely and ride comfortably