Meta Description: SGS assures safety, quality, and integrity. It is globally recognised and followed. It is a private body, but what does SGS do? Learn in this article.

SGS is a comprehensive inspection agency that collects chemical, metallurgical, and physical analyses, including destructive and non-destructive testing, gives a client a complete quantity and quality inspection and related technical services, and provides shipping.

SGS CE/complaint certificate is essential for the exporter if they want to export any product. Many countries have different types of certification rules. Want to know more about the SGS certificate? You will find each detail in this article.

SGS History

SGS stands for General Security of Surveillance. SGS CE/complaint was founded in 1878 and is the world's most prominent and most accomplished third-party multinational company, an expert in product quality control and technical appraisal. 

The headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. It has more than 1250 branches and functional laboratories worldwide and more than 64000 employees (including researchers, engineers, doctors, chemists, auditors, inspectors, etc.). It provides a trustworthy inspection, identification, testing, and certification service in 143 countries. 

SGS certification is a certificate or report issued by SGS for compliance or testing services performed by SGS on a product or organisation according to a country's standards, regulations, or customer requirements. 

SGS Group has more than 95,000 employees globally, expanded to more than 2,400 branches and laboratories, and established a global service network. SGS has a variety of skilful and professional laboratories in the United States, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other standards or customer requirements to give comprehensive testing and issue an extensively recognised authoritative test report or certificate.

SGS consists of some services, and the core services can be divided into four categories

  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Certification

By following these steps, SGS ensures that they are providing world-leading testing and inspection services and prove whether your product or services meet the standard of national and international standards or not.

The company works in agriculture, food, chemical, construction, consumer goods, the public sector, transportation, oil, and gas. The SGS certification is different for different countries.

SGS Certification in China

Import toys to China with China Compulsory Certification (CCC) support services from SGS.

Toys imported to China are subject to mandatory requirements, either under the CCC certification program or national (GB) standards and technical specifications.

SGS Certification in Spain

 The certification in Spain for SGS includes agricultural, construction, consumer goods, and the public sector. To export any product, you must need an SGS certificate.

HIMO Products and SGS Certification

Himo bike is an innovative Chinese brand known for its various range of portable and efficient bikes. HIMO expands its range of two-wheeled personal EVs.

Himo combines cutting-edge e-bike tech with road bike geometry bringing economic performance and a more efficient riding style of a road bike frame to the e-bike market. It detects your pedalling force and allocates motor power automatically.

Himo max series products match the EU standards and have CE certificates. These include road e-bikes C26 Max and C30 Max, folded e-bikes Z16 Max, Z20 Max, and ZB20 Max, and scooter L2 Max to meet various riding scenarios. 

The e-bike series has removed the accelerator and taken integrated pedalling and acceleration instead, realising the pure power-assisted mode. It has obtained CE certification from SGS/TUV laboratory for all products.

Himo passes 10,000 tests in each function and has obtained the CE certificate of SGS that meets the standard of European EN15194, ensuring the users ride safely and compliantly.


The SGS CE/complaint certification is essential for every country to test their product and export it to different countries. Himo bikes from China get their certificate to export their highly innovative bikes.

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