Do HIMO products have CE certificates? Which one?

Himo Max serices all with CE Certification!!!

HIMO, the First Chinese E-bike Brand Approved by All European Safety Standards.

Himo max series products are in line with EU standards and have ce certificates. There are include road e-bikes C26 Max, C30 Max, folded e-bikes Z16 Max, Z20 Max, ZB20 Max and scooter L2 Max, to meet a variety of riding scenarios. The e-bike series have completely removed the accelerator, and taken integrated pedaling and acceleration instead, realizing the pure power-assisted mode.

How do I know the e-bike is compliant?

A.CE Marking

The CE Directive requires that the serial number must be permanently and clearly marked on the e-bike frame, you can find the serial number and CE label on the ebike.
(As shown in the picture, all e-bikes of MAX series have CE-Batch in this position)

B.CE Report

You can find the brand party to provide you with laboratory testing CE conformity assessment and product certification and other documents.

About HIMO with
SGS CE Certification(EN 15194)

What is the EU ebike safety standards?

E-bikes in EU must comply with the EN 15194 standard to abtain CE Certification,which made mandatory requirements on the speed, voltage, weight and other indicators of e-bikes. Only ebike that meet these stringent requirements can be placed on the market and/or put into service

The most important factors for E-bikes exported to the EU to meet the EN15194 standard are the following conditions:

Satefy Test Items Specification Standards
a. EMC(electromagnetic compatibility) a. DC voltage does not exceed 48V
b. Mechanical safety performance b. Maximum continuous rated power 250W
c. Electrical safety performance c. When the speed reaches 25Km/h, the output power should be gradually reduced until cut off.
d. Functional safety performance

What difficulties will there be if the e-bike does not meet the EN15194 standard?

Potential safety hazards, prone to traffic accidents

If DC voltage exceeds 48V, it will easily cause safety issues such as battery fire;

If the rated power exceeds 250W or the speed exceeds 25km/h, due to the
higher speed and large inertia, the braking distance will be elongated, and it
will be easy to cause various traffic accidents and other adverse effects,
which will seriously affect the safety of users.


No insurance and warranty

If the e-bike does not meet the above conditions, or if any one of the standards exceeds the highest rated requirements, it will be classified as a motor
vehicle that needs to meet the requirements of the EU Motor Vehicle Directive;

In addition, the change of the classification will lead to the termination of
the warranty service of the insurance company, the manufacturer, and the
retailer, and the interests of the user will be no longer under protection.


Facing punishment

According to local laws, e-bikes that do not meet European standards will be intercepted by the police on the commute, or even be severely fined or detained.