HIMO L2 Max electric scooter review. Size matters?

The Himo L2 Max is a fantastic urban electric scooter that is built to last and meets all requirements and performs admirably. The L2 MAX has the CE certification of SGS/TUV.

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Foldable in 3 steps

The folding mechanism is unique and durable. To store it at work, all you need to do is fold it in 3 steps:1.Press the lever on the handlebar 2.Turn the handlebar. 3.Easily attach it to the rear wheel.

Comfort and Portability

The ultra-wide pedals are a non-slip design, and there is enough space to make your riding comfortable and not crowded. At the same time, It's tires with cushioning and shock absorption, which have excellent obstacle avoidance ability, strong balance and safe riding.

High-Performance Motor

350w brushless rear wheel drive motor with continuous and efficient power output, top speed up to 25km/h, excellent obstacle avoidance and great balance.