Pompa HIMO
Pompa HIMO
Pompa HIMO
Pompa HIMO

Pompa HIMO

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HIMO 1506667 Mini pompa d'aria portatile multifunzione a mano per tubo per scooter da bicicletta Manuale utenteLeggi

Applicable Scope

Applicable models Schrader/ Presta value bicycles and electric bicycles.
Using the Scene Cycling, basketball, balloon products cheer


Product name HIMO Mini pump
Dimension 270 x 52 x 39mm
Weight 150g
Rated air volume 39ml
Rated air pressure 6Bar
Cylinder material Aluminium alloy
Nozzle type Universal US/French spout


3.Storage of valve


Come installare

Come usare

Precautions for use

1.Please read this manual carefully before installing this product.

2.Please use within the scope of product attributes.

3.This product is not child-friendly. Do not allow children to play with parts.

Storage environment

1.Store it in a cool place and avoid exposure to sunlight.

2.Avoid high temperatures, such as heating sources, to avoid excessive aging of rubber parts.

3.It should be stored upright, and no heavy objects can be squeezed to avoid deformation of the barrel.

4.Avoid all kinds of stains. If it is stained during use, please wash it with soap immediately, not alcohol.


It is recommended that in order to avoid overheating of the piston when pumping the air cylinder, it is necessary to make necessary intervals, so as to extend the life of the piston.


HIMO 1506667 Portable Mini Air Pump Multifunction Pipe Hand For Motorcycle Bicycle Scooter [pdf] User Manual

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