Lucchetto a forma di U HIMO

Lucchetto a forma di U HIMO

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Può essere utilizzato su vari tipi di biciclette, veicoli elettrici e motocicli. Garantisce la sicurezza e aiuta a prevenire i furti.


Dimensions 200 x 158 x 34mm
Weight 0.91kg
Grade Super B grade
Core technology Zinc alloy nickel plated
Beam material 40Cr heat treated


34mm (with silicone)
Dust and water rating IP67
Keying interchange rate 1/600
Max. pull-off force 30KN

How to install

01. As shown in the figure, fix the car lock as a whole under the seat tube, and reserve a200mm safe space in the opening direction when the lock frame is installed.

02. Set the lock frame into the seat tube.

03. Insert and tighten the locking screw.

04. The installation is complete.


01. Insert the key, open the lock, and take the U lock out of the lock frame
Note: The key cannot be removed when the U-shaped lock is opened.

02. Align the U lock with the spokes of the vehicle, insert it and lock it,
and then remove the key to lock the vehicle.

Precautions for use

Safe guidelines for using the product:

1.Before installing the U Lock, please read this manual carefully.

2.Please use within the scope of product attributes

3.The U Lock is not child-friendly. Do not allow children to play with parts.

4.When installing the Cable Lock and adjusting the position of the saddle, be careful not to expose the safety marking line of the saddle tube

5.The key can be taken out when the lock is closed and opened. Please do not put the key on the lock when driving to avoid losing it.

6.Do not place the product in a strong acid or weak base environment, so as not to cause corrosion damage to the product and affect its use.


Parts such as locks and noisy keys can be wiped with lubricating oil regularly to avoid rust and oxidation, keep the switch flexible and prolong the service life.


HIMO 425292 Lock U[pdf] User Manual

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