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 Himo Z20 MAX - COMBO

Combo Sale - HIMO Z20 MAX Folding Electric Bike*2
Combo Sale - HIMO Z20 MAX Folding Electric Bike*2
Combo Sale - HIMO Z20 MAX Folding Electric Bike*2
41% OFF
Combo Sale - HIMO Z20 MAX Folding Electric Bike*2
Combo Sale - HIMO Z20 MAX Folding Electric Bike*2
Combo Sale - HIMO Z20 MAX Folding Electric Bike*2

Combo Sale - HIMO Z20 MAX Folding Electric Bike*2




80 +

KM Range

CE Certified 

EN 15194 certified by SGS

Free Accessories Included In Box

Plastic Fenders*2




Installation kit*2



HIMO Z20 MAX Iron Fenders Kit



HIMO Z20 Foot Pedals



Pre-Built & Tuned

All bikes come pre-built and tuned through authorized mechanics

1 Year Warranty

Full replacement of any defective parts & components

Fast & Reliable Delivery

3-5 day delivery to every country in Europe




Km Range 



EN 15194 Certified


HIMO Z20 MAX Super Dynamic Dual Mode Folding Electric bicycles

Key Features

Transportable, versatile, & sleek - HIMO Z20 MAX’s deliberate compact design allows for easy folding, storage, and transportability. Z20 MAX’s innovative built-in battery box is closely connected to the body for space-efficiency, while its lightweight aluminum frame perfectly matches its inner wirings to create an elegant visage. Don't want to leave the battery in the bike? No worries, the Z20 MAX comes with a dedicated key for the battery so you charge it wherever you want!



[A] Max. Seat Height 82cm
[B] Min. Seat Height 43cm
[C] Standover Height 51cm
[D] Seat Tube Length 28cm
[E] Handlebar Height 105cm
[F] Bottom Bracket Height 22cm
[G] Front to Center 96cm
[H] Wheelbase 127cm
[I] Top Tube Length 63cm
[J] Total Length 146cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Günter Dücker (Los Llanos de Aridane, ES)

Es wäre schön wenn sie endlich liefern würden, aber bisher habe ich noch nicht mal einen Liefertermin

SANTIAGO HENS (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, ES)
diseño y calidad de materiales

La bicicleta me llegó ( la z20 plus) en poco tiempo, llevo más de cien kilómetros y cumple con las expectativas, estoy muy contento con ella y la recomiendo.
Me hubiera gustado que tuviera una velocidad en el cambio más larga. Le faltaría algo de amortiguación pero por el precio está correctísimo. A mí me interesó su 1'47 metros de largo. Bicicleta urbana puedes hacer un camino pero que no esté muy mal ya que no es una mountain bike, se maneja muy bien es cómoda y es un gustazo que el motor me ayude en la subida y en la salida del semáforo

Antoine Salesse (Nantes, FR)
Good folding VAE with minor quality issues

I have noticed an inconsistency in the naming of the Z20 series of products, as the bike I received is labeled as a Z20 Plus, despite my order confirmation indicating that I purchased the Z20 Max.

Despite this discrepancy, I am satisfied with the overall quality of the product. The price is reasonable, and the robustness and material of the bike are good.

However, I did notice a few issues with the bike upon opening the package. The mudguard on the left side was bent, indicating low-quality plastic. Additionally, the bell was broken.

Furthermore, I noticed that the brakes were mounted in reverse configuration, with the right brake controlling the front wheel instead of the rear.

Despite these issues, I am generally satisfied with the bike, and I appreciate the sturdy construction and materials used in its manufacture.

Thank you.

2 stars because the sent me a different bike

I ordered a z20 max and they sent me a z20 plus; I spoke to customer service and they told me that the z20 plus is better, but I am not sure because certain components are worse (pedals, handlebar grips, light...). Anyway, I can't rate the z20 max because they sent me a different one.

Not very good

After 578km the grey bike motor died. White bike makes a quirky sound after 50 km.
We bought these bikes to take with us. To make short trips and do groucerie shopping. We probably should have spend some more money, for a good quality bike.